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Camouflage Yourself – FULL TASK

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I read on one of your posts that you hated Mel Gedroyc. Why? She seems pretty nice 🙂

Oh man… Such a memorial mention…


Yes, it was. While I was watching Taskmaster. Now I remember it with a smile. I was terribly emotional watching every episode. Even when I watched NMTB, I wasn’t worried so much! What about Mel? I didn’t even knew who she was, but she was really pissed me off. As a Noel’s fan, I was lamented by any of her victories. I was too worried about his success, although it was just a show. But now I’m completely neutral about her. Yes, she is a cute old lady (she is over 50 already), but I’m not sure if I’ll ever become her fan. And, to be extremely honest, from the Mel & Sue couple, I like sue Perkins better.


Mel & Sue

Taskmaster S4 EP6 Outtake – Noel Fielding Don’t Look At Me

Joe Lycett Had To Smile Every 30 Seconds During The Task


Noel Fielding’s Best Taskmaster Moments

Luvly! 🙂 x

Noel was the one on the series of Taskmaster who’s face looked very kind on the contestants line 🙂 x

Who knows? Maybe, this was one of the reasons why did he had really big chances to win the series 😉


Aw… What a cutie *_* Thanks, Vince! xxx

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Noel Fielding Being Noel Fielding For 7 Minutes Straight