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Series Q, Episode 15 – Quantity And Quality

Host: Sandi Toksvig

Permanent: Alan Davies

Guests: Joe Lycett, James Acaster and  

Bridget Christie

Date: Friday 7th February 2020

Time: 9:30pm


Noel’s very first appear on QI (K series)

Lliana wasn’t on the show, it was just selfie 🙂

This square photos were in the site of the show. Now you won’t find them in this place, coz the site has changed and the old stuff is gone.

QI | What Mistake Did Picasso Make?


Just found this one. Noel’s sassy joke was the right answer! I still laughing as watching it at the first time 🙂

It was 3 series ago, but still epic! I don’t think that Stephen Fry would prank called anyone, as Sandi Toksvig did 🙂 


QI Series P – Pubs Christmas Special (Part 13)

QI Series P – Pubs Christmas Special (Part 12)