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Paul And Prue Didn’t Left The Tent When Noel Asked Them About It 🙂

“SHUT UP!!!“

Damn… I’ve never thought that I’ll ever laugh so hard at GBBO… And this guy is a STAR BAKER of the week!!! OMG ha ha ha 🙂 x




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The gif is Noel’s reaction on Sandi’s compliment

(taken from @gacktova )

Actually, KD had this hair style, that’s not so bad  🙂

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The Great Celebrity Bake Off Episode 2 (2017-2018)


Ricky Wilson

Nick Hewer

Stacey Solomon

Perri Kiely

Not new, of course, but one of the favorite episodes since Lee Mack’s legendary appear 🙂 I was happy to see Ricky there! x