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I just watched one live perfonce of Noel where the fans shouted FUCK OFF… O_O Was it in Noel's side???



I know this gig. They shouted at the lady who said Noel WHY YOU’R HERE??? and then some guges souted FUCK OFF!!! I’m really believe that they didn’t mean’t him. It was so long ago, but still funny to remember, thanks for mentioning it 🙂 


This anon asked about this video.

Thanks, Andy

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Will you kill me if I'll say that Noel is cuttie? 😀



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Why do people think that I can kill anyone? Yeah, Noel is cute, I don’t like when users tell me that… But I’m NOT a murderer! 


Noel Fielding In The Lauren Studio (07.11.2019): undefined

Hey I just wanted to send you some blog love. I adore your blog so much and you seem so lovely. Thanks for the sweet Noel content. Hope you are having a lovely day/night x x ❤

Thank you 🙂


The Mighty Boosh – I love My Little Vincy!

Party After Artshow

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Never Mind The Buzzcocks S28E07