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Paul And Prue Didn’t Left The Tent When Noel Asked Them About It 🙂

About GBBO. Which baker did you believed in from the beginning? How did you felt when the hosts called the name of the winner?

I liked many of the contestants 🙂 But I initially had a “fabilous five” of the favorites. They were: David, Steff, Michelle, Helena and Henry. I was pretty sad that Michelle and Helena had gone home too soon. But didn’t cry for any of them.Henry was very funny and pretty brash! To Paul’s handshake, he accidentally said, “Shut up.” I’m still laughing remembering it 🙂 He was lucky, coz the judges have a good sense of humor and they just laughed. Others could be very angry and he could go home after that, but it wasn’t happened 😀 I’m sorry that it happened to him next week, but nevertheless, I believed in David til the of the series. And all my hopes were fulfilled. Seeing how Steff was the best time after time, I already thought that the name of the winner is already clear. I thought that the any dream for the winning of other contestants were already pointless. But when Sandi said that David won, I almost screamed! I guessed the winner’s name again! And it was the winner of the main season! Winning of the most favorite contestant… What could be better… *sighs*


(gif from @gacktova)

Anarchy In The Bake Off Tent!

David: *Throwing lemon to Noel*

Steph :*Sitting down to hide* Oh no, help!

Sandi: Go!

Noel: *Throwing lemon to Alice*

Alice: *Caught the lemon* Yay!

Rosie: WTF


“SHUT UP!!!“

Damn… I’ve never thought that I’ll ever laugh so hard at GBBO… And this guy is a STAR BAKER of the week!!! OMG ha ha ha 🙂 x

“Imagine going to work and seeing the Baking Addams Family looming down at ya 😂 x” Noel


Addams Family??? DAMN, I KNEW IT!!!


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The gif is Noel’s reaction on Sandi’s compliment

(taken from @gacktova )

Actually, KD had this hair style, that’s not so bad  🙂