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Noel Fielding’s EPIC Story About The Cat On Acid 🙂 

“Someone had left a sheet of acid on the coffee table and the cat started licking it, and they didn’t know. And the cat absolutely freaked out a couple of hours later, tried to climb the walls. Then someone realized what had happened and phoned their friend, who were a vet and said, “what shall we do with the cat? its going crazy” and they said you need to put it in a closed space where it can’t hurt itself. So they put him in a sock draw. And basically, when they opened the drawer in the morning it had pulled all the socks into pairs… I made that bit up. But the rest of it is all true!”

Red Button – Cat Stevens vs The Cats (2009)

Did you know Noel is the lovechild of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page? He got Robert’s sunny personality and Jimmy’s dark soul and gothic beauty?

Of course, I know 🙂




In Conversation: Noel Fielding and Kate Bryan

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