Boosh Tube is still a work in progress, however, there are some playlists that are complete and fully organized if anyone is interested. Notes are not done on all the videos though, but I plan on getting to that yet.

Complete Playlists

All Playlists

If you want to easily add all videos from a playlist to your own playlists, add   &disable_polymer=true   to the end of the playlist urls, next, click the [vertical ellipsis] in the upper right, then “Add all to…” and select your playlist you want the videos on.

If you notice any mistakes, deleted videos, incomplete songs, tracks that are out of order, or anything else that I should fix please let me know. I haven’t had time to carefully listen to each video in full yet, so I would appreciate any help.

Something that I could use a lot of help with is the musical references playlists. I have begun to add some songs, but I don’t know much about music. I plan to rewatch and take notes to search for every musical reference, but if there are songs or musicians mentioned on The Boosh (radio/television/live), AD/BC, Darkplace, or Luxury Comedy that I don’t already have on the playlists any suggestions would be an enormous help.