piddleswicke: What started me collecting old a…


What started me collecting old articles was the idea that I could maybe find the article about Noel and Julian’s famous Edinburgh row. (A classic tale featuring poor Lee Mack who couldn’t get his show reviewed, let alone an argument.)

I thought Noel said it was reviewed by The Scotsman, and that may well be true, but this is from The List. I imagine it’s the same incident, and not a different one..? I suppose multiple news outlets could have reported on it, but it’s possible Noel just got the name of the paper[/mag] wrong. (It’s been a long time, and I’m sure he never expected to be fact-checked.)

Shout out to The List for having excellent free archives! Pout out for The Scotsman (and so many more) wanting me to pay to read random 10-20 year old articles.