I'm working on YouTube playlists, they ar…

I'm working on YouTube playlists, they are very unorganized and incomplete so far, but I plan on putting the videos in order from earliest to most recent. There are a few more videos I didn't mention in earlier asks, but I'll just give you the link to my playlists for now. I can do the upkeep on these YouTube playlists so you don't have to do more work than what you already do for Boosh Docs if you'd like, or feel free to copy them. www(.)youtube(.)com/channel/UCDh75xllAefN2ofSWqhivZA/playlists

I can’t believe I missed this, dear anon—this is AMAZING. Thank you so much for your efforts! 

Everyone, check it out! The perfect accompaniment to the Boosh Docs:

Boosh Tube! 

My favourite Anon has created playlists of all the Boosh and Boosh-adjacent content on YouTube! Have a look at what’s available:


Due to the nature of YouTube, I’m sure it’s a job and a half keeping track of it all! If I find anything that isn’t included, I’ll add a link to the ‘Discussion’ page of the Boosh Tube profile (and I’d encourage others to do the same). 

An amazing resource for Boosh fans—have I mentioned lately how utterly delightful this fandom is? xx