Boosh Docs




Boosh Docs are back, but there’s a new link: BOOSH DOCS

I know some things that used to be there are missing, but it’s a work in progress. There are definitely a few new things in this latest update (e.g. Darkplace). Because I genuinely enjoy playing with spreadsheets and am an unparallelled procrastinator, there is an index document that will help you see what is and isn’t available, and where I’ve filed it. 

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if…

  • something’s missing
  • something’s broken
  • something is mislabelled or in the wrong folder
  • you have a question or a request
  • you have something to contribute

(Since quite a few things were re-uploaded, you may have to wait for them to finish processing before you can watch online. You should be able to download things right away.)

And let’s all of us make sure to thank @heartrachel for three years(!!) of maintaining the Boosh Docs and making the fandom a better place.

Thanks also to @gacktova and @one-warm-line for their recent contributions!


Yay! Thanks!

Thank you so much for all these years, @heartrachel!!!!! And thank you to the new contributors and maintainers @piddleswicke @gacktova and @one-warm-line !!!!