I just wanna talk about this
interview(?) / publicity piece for a second because…

[answering an audience member’s question
and discussing putting the album out]

“…and then I couldn’t find Julian. He’s like big foot. I’ve got a
photo of him out of focus.

hunting bigfoot with a camera)

It’s bigfoot! No, it’s Julian Barratt. I
saw him in Flowers – that’s the last time I saw him. I have to watch him on

reaching out and making sad whining noises)

Like when dogs watch telly cause their
owners are on there…


No, I do see him occasionally and we do
talk about doing stuff but we never quite get round to it. I feel bad because
every time I go ‘yeeeeeeah were doing a film!’ and then we don’t everyone goes ‘you
fuckin lied!’

It’s like a dad with their children
going we’re definitely going to fort park! …and then going yeah sorry, your uncle never showed up.”


Conversation at Rough Trade East, London (x)

Sept 2016


I know they’ve spent time together with each other
since this but maaaaaan, stick a fork in my heart and call it done.  He plays it all off in a funny way but oooooh
Noel…I just want to hug him sometimes.