agarlandoffreshlycuttears: Brakes was so good…


Brakes was so good, guys. It’s entirely made of cringe but in a very real and funny way. The whole cast does a brilliant job and I could talk about all the stories for years. But, to be biased, Noel and Julian were really very good. Although, Julia has the funniest moments and got the biggest laughs. She’s got such brilliant comic timing and instincts. I’m just so in awe of how talented she is.

Julian is very naked in it, that massive nudist, which obviously made it for me. So much pale freckled flesh on show. Noel’s character is super interesting and I have some thoughts about him in relation to his other characters, but I’ll save it.

There was a Q&A after. Here are some not very good quality pictures of it. Julia is so frickin lovely I could hardly cope. She was, if possible, even more awkward about talking about herself than Julian. But, as Noel said, she is a “delicate little flower.”

Noel, meanwhile, obviously started the whole thing with this:

“Can we have a round of applause for Julian Barratt who as usual was the funniest fucker in the room?”

He also had little red splotches of paint on his jeans which was oddly endearing. He was sick but held the whole Q&A together like a pro.

One last thing to report. Afterwards Noel was obviously keen to head off to bed to nurse his cold. But he stopped for a couple of fans. I got stuck behind him on the way out because the whole thing was blocked. So I overheard him talking to a girl who was thanking him for the Boosh. To which he said, “Yeah, it was the best time of my life.” And then he turned around and barrelled right into me. Which was embarrassing. I couldn’t even look at him but his jumper was quite soft. And then he was gone.