The funniest things about Noel that you ever happened to hear?

Aw! I’ve got one story… Still laughing remembering it 🙂 

One of my friends didn’t knew anything about Noel Fielding, it was in 2009. She loved Never Mind The Buzzcocks and listened My Chemical Romance, liked Gerard Way. Once she opened youtube and seen Noel’s debut there. This episode was S20E02. She seen him very first time and thought that he’s from MCR. She was pretty shocked. She called me on the phone and screamed DID YOU SEEN NEVER MIND THE BUZZCOCKS??? WHAT THE HELL GERARD WAY DOING THERE??? AND WHY EVERYONE CALLS HIM NOEL??? 


I didn’t found what to answer, just hanged the phone and started laugh hysterically, above half an hour. Them I calmed, recalled her and explained “Gerard Way wasn’t there. This guy is actually Noel Fielding. Find The Mighty Boosh. Watch it and you’ll realise who this guy.” And then she became his fan.

I could think anything, Freddy Mercury, Joan Jett, even Kiss or Slade, but… MCR??? On no!  No way! Ha ha ha 😀