Fundraising for Rikki’s medical treatment


Okay, so…. short version of the story is this

Liberty Mutual won’t pay me my short term disability pay unless I’m receiving ongoing treatment.  I can’t pay for my ongoing treatment with zero income, which is where I’m at now that my job placed me back on medical leave due to NOT being able to accommodate my doctor’s orders

SO… I am trying to raise money for my sessions…. 25 each, so I can get my treatment back to “ongoing” and get my disability pay approved so I can, you know… pay rent and bills and doctors appointments.

So, if you want to contribute, my paypal is  Any amount helps.  

If you want to contribute, but can’t, share this post so others might?

And if you don’t want to, that’s cool too, scroll along. I know I’ve had to ask for help before, but I’m always told no one can help if I don’t ask.  

Now, keep in mind, I’m doing several things on my end too, to try to get things up and running, but things arent moving fast enough and I’m scared I am not gonna make it. So here I am, appealing to the tumblrs for the helps